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November 16, 2011

Is email on the iPhone a good idea (for me)?

Responding to email on my iPhone mostly sucks, compared to the Blackberry I had previously. However, I'm not sure even a Blackberry could save me now.

My role at Groupon means that I now get massive quantities of email that very often require a response / action. I had been glancing at my email on my phone ("okay, this is what's going on & what I have to deal with") but not necessarily responding: I'll think about what I want my response to be (like in the car on the way to work) and compose the response when I get there.

The fail is when I THINK about something in my head and forget that I haven't actually WRITTEN the thoughts down -- and find out a few days later that the intended recipient was still waiting for an answer.

Maybe I need to just not have email on my phone.