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June 25, 2009

Apple: Dual-Link fail; Store product review fail.

At our company almost everyone uses a MacBook Pro with a 30" Dell monitor. We all frequently have the DVI distortion issues that Gizmodo reported. (I've had my display fritz out twice in the past hour, for example.) Apple has been totally unhelpful and basically refuse to admit that they have a problem. Perhaps they're afraid of another product recall or class action lawsuit? And thus are not doing the best customer support thing, which is: acknowledge the problem, apologize, and promise a fix as soon as it's available.

Anyway, I wanted to leave a review on the product page in the Apple store. I can't figure out how to post my review:


"Some words in your review cannot be published. Please revise your review." Huh?

Their guidelines state "avoid comments about... service and support", but how the hell are you supposed to review a product that doesn't work if you can't describe anything about the customer service response to the issue? I've tried about 8 versions of text for this review, and I have no idea why they won't let me publish this.

So on my own blog I'll say it: